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Carlisle Brass HL4, HL3, HL5, HL6, HL10, HL11 Hooded Louvre Brass Vent


 Carlisle Brass Hooded Louvre Brass Door Vent HL4

  • Polished Brass, Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome finish
  • Hooded for prevention of water ingress
  • Radius Corners
  • 242mm x 89mm
  • 165mm x 89mm
  • 242mm x 165mm
  • 242mm x 242mm
  • 625mm x 65mm
  • 600mm x 51mm
  • Sold single with fixings
Hooded Louvre Brass Vent HL4

Available in the following finishes:

  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Satin Chrome
Image Product Name Price Qty
  HL4pb Polished Brass 242mm x 89mm Vent
  HL4sscp Polished Chrome 242mm x 89mm Vent
  HL4sssc Satin Chrome 242mm x 89mm Vent
  HL3pb Polished Brass 165mm x 89mm Vent
  HL5pb Polished Brass 242mm x 165mm Vent
  HL5sscp Polished Chrome 242mm x 165mm Vent
  HL5sssc satin Chrome 242mm x 165mm Vent
  HL6pb Polished Brass 242mm x 242mm Vent
  HL6sscp Polished Chrome 242mm x 242mm Vent
  HL6sssc Satin Chrome 242mm x 242mm Vent
  HL10pb Polished Brass 625mm x 76mm Vent
  HL11pb Polished Brass 600mm x 51mm Vent