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  • Decorating with Black

    In the world of fashion, black has long retained its never-out-of-style reputation. It can be sleek, sexy, and edgy, or classic, demure, and powerful. It creates the perfect palette for any style, any look, on any person. In interior decorating, many homeowners are intimidated by how dark black seems, but it can be used in surprisingly stylish ways. The “little black dress” for your home can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.

    For many people, black home décor instantly calls up one of two classic looks: Gothic drama, or Parisian elegance. If neither of those are your style, fear not; black can also lend itself well as an accent colour for a cheerful modern home. It can be used to offset the dusty, earthy tones of a southern style. Black even has its place in thematic décor, such as in rooms with a nautical theme. Continue reading

  • How to Dress your Door

    We need doors in our homes…obvious right? But how many of us put real thought into how our doors look and how we style them? When we buy or purchase a home, we tend to take the doors for granted, accept them as they are if they have no functional problems or damage. We might replace doors as part of a home makeover, but when budgets are tight doors get overlooked for other features such as furniture and external fittings such as windows…internal doors often come low on the list of interior design priorities.

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  • Add Some Vintage Flair to Your Home

    If there’s any style that has captured the attentions of interior decorators all over the world in recent years, it’s the all-encompassing “vintage”. The charm of nostalgic items is that they come complete with their own sense of character. Whether it’s by design, or a buried memory that the viewer projects on the item themselves, seeing something that recalls a specific time of the past makes us feel as though we already know that room or item. We’re comfortable there.

    What many people don’t realize is that “vintage” actually covers a range of styles and décor schemes. If you’ve ever been in a vintage-style space that felt cramped, dusty, and dishevelled, it was likely due to a misunderstanding of vintage style, and a mashup of too many types of vintage. In fact, vintage can be just as open, airy, and inviting as a sleek contemporary home, when used the right way.


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