10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Door Security

We’d all like our homes to be that little bit more secure wouldn’t we? Here at Premier Door Handles, we take house security very seriously. Below we take a look at how doors are one of the most vulnerable parts of a property that a burglar will target and how you can ensure your home’s door security is as good as it can be.

Just moved house? Change the locks

If you’ve recently moved house, did you change the locks as soon as you moved in? If not, in theory the old owners (and anyone they gave a key to) could walk into your house at any time. Whilst you may think this is unlikely, for the cost of a couple of new locks it’s a wise and very cost-effective step in making your home more secure.

Don’t leave notes on your front door

If might be a note to one of your kids or a quick message to a delivery driver saying you’ll be back in five minutes. Such notes are an open invitation to sneak thieves as they are telling them that your house is unoccupied. A good thief can relieve you of hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of goods and jewellery in a matter of minutes.

Get a spyhole fitted

This a particularly good idea for the elderly or people who may be vulnerable to sneak thieves or doorstep conmen. Being able to see who is at the door before you open it is reassuring and can help you feel more secure and in control. Used in conjunction with a good quality chain, it’s a cheap but very effective way of making your home that little bit safer.

Check your hinges

Have you ever checked the hinges of your external doors? If not, you should. If you can see the hinges when looking from outside, your door can be easily compromised, burglars having to just take out the hinge pin to break in. You should take the door down at your first opportunity and either replace it or rehang it with the new hinges situated internally.

Don’t leave your house or car keys near the front door

More and more thieves are using this simple tactic to gain access to houses and cars. If they can see a set of keys through your letterbox, all it takes is for them to pass a piece of stiff wire through the letterbox, hook the keys and then let themselves into your house or car. Keep your keys away from view to prevent this happening and you’ll be able to prevent both burglary and car theft.

Think about what’s outside your front door

Door security doesn’t just have to be about the door itself, it’s important to think of it more broadly. Do you have shrubs, bushes or other plants close to your front door? Whilst they may look nice, they also provide burglars with excellent cover whilst they try and force your door open. Cut them back as much as you can. The less places you give a burglar to hide, the less likely they are to target your home.

Need a new key? Be careful with online providers

If you need an extra key cut for your door, you may have seen sites on the internet offering key cutting services. Whilst most of these are perfectly reputable, there is always an element of risk using such a service. By using an online provider, you are basically giving a complete stranger your address and your door key. It’s much safer to use a local provider who can cut you a key while you wait.

Don’t forget about your internal doors

When we think of door security, we immediately think of external doors to our property. However, internal doors are important too from a security aspect. Whilst they may not have locks on them, they can be used to make your home that little bit safer. At night or when leaving the house empty, you should ensure that all internal doors are closed. As well as being essential for fire safety, it makes life that little bit more difficult (and noisier) for an intruder if they were to get into your house.

Consider CCTV

CCTV is a lot cheaper than it used to be and is now a very cost effective way of ensuring your home is much more secure. As well as being a good deterrent to burglars (they’ll almost certainly choose to burgle a house without CCTV than one with) it can also help catch any thieves if you are unlucky enough to be broken into. You can now have a live feed on your TV that shows what is happening outside of your property, which makes it especially good for protecting more vulnerable parts of your home such as sheds which can contain a lot of expensive tools and equipment.

And the most important tip of all? Lock your doors!

Yes it’s obvious but it is amazing just how many people don’t lock their doors. You may only be taking the dog out for a quick walk around the block or having a quick chat with your neighbour, but if you don’t lock your doors you are leaving your house vulnerable. A burglar needs only a minute to burgle your house, don’t make it easy for them by letting them simply walk in. If you have children with their own keys, you should make them aware too of the importance of always locking the door.

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