Making the most of your bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings are the whole range of smaller fixtures and fitments that make our bathrooms more functional and stylish. Often added to our homes after we’ve chosen and installed our bathroom suites, such as showers, sinks and toilets, we rely on bathroom fittings not only to be able to use our bathroom properly, but to make our bathrooms more comfortable and user-friendly. The biggest challenge is finding the best balance between bathroom fittings in a location and position that will maximise the user experience of our bathrooms, but will also look fantastic and complement our bathroom styles instead of looking like an afterthought or poorly thought out last minute addition.


Certainly one of the most functional features of any bathroom, taps are one of the key fittings. Not only are they required to work well and put up with heavy use, they also need to be waterproof and simple to use. Regular use and operation from our hands means that our eyes spend a lot of time being drawn to these features and although they’re a smaller feature, their style can make quite a significant impact. Traditional faucet taps will give a nice rustic twist, even in contemporary finishes, while taps with straight lines will give you a slightly more contemporary advantage, and taps with modern waterfall styles will put your bathroom at the cutting edge of design. As well as sink taps, you need to consider going for the same style of taps for your bath and shower fittings. Will uniformed style give you bathroom the order and solidarity it needs, or does your quirky style lead you to wanting mismatched but stylish bathroom fittings?


As well as the more obvious fittings such as taps, there are other fixtures and fittings necessary in your bathroom that might not spring to mind immediately. Even the most minimal of bathrooms need storage space or shelves and hanging space for the few necessities. Towel holders, toilet roll holders, mirrors, and shower shelves are the bare necessities of any bathroom.

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If you want a minimal style, make sure you have enough storage space to hold everything you need in a handy space, though this will take much more planning and consideration at the earlier stages of bathroom planning to make sure your bathroom not only looks good but does its job in a way that is comfortable and helpful. Make sure what you need is close to hand. If you don’t mind having your bathroom wares on show, take a good look at your bathroom suite and decide exactly what you require. If your sink doesn’t have a ridge for holding soap, you might need a wall-mounted soap dish. If your shower has no attached towel rail, you may need to add a heated towel rail or at least a wall mounted towel holder or two. These things do take up space so if you’re carrying out an entire bathroom overhaul, consider your space carefully and make sure that you have space for what is often a design afterthought.


As well as working bathroom suites and fittings that are stylish and functional, most bathrooms rely on extra furniture that fits into neither of these boxes. Storage systems such as drawers and cupboards are an essential if your bathroom is a space where you spend time preening and getting ready. Wall mounted cabinets are a popular choice and usually placed above a sink, giving easy access to toiletries needed on a regular basis, and often fronted with a mirror so you can particular attention to your facial area. Tallboys and sets of drawers are also popular choices. Often bathrooms aren’t the largest rooms in the house and because of the vast amount of space taken up by baths, showers and toilets, storage needs to be well thought out and minimal. Any space taken up by storage is less space for getting ready. Many people have secondary storage for toiletries and bathroom products elsewhere in the home away from the bathroom, and keep only the essentials in the bathroom storage, replacing it when needed.


Toilet seats certainly aren’t the most glamorous of choices to make, but albeit an important one that can make a great deal of difference in your bathroom’s interior design style. Taking up a significant amount of space, the colour and texture you choose for your toilet seat has the potential to make a big impact on your bathroom’s interior design. Plastics and wood are the most popular choices, but the durability and dynamics of these materials mean that the options for colour and finish are almost endless, from traditional white glossy finishes that reflect light wonderfully and give a very clean and almost clinical style, to bolder design-led options such as glittering metallic and printed options. Most toilet seats aren’t expensive or going to break the bank, so whenever you want to add a splash of colour or mellow out your bathroom with a lighter and less obtrusive colour, it’s an easy way to bring a significant style change.
If you know exactly the style you’re after and you have a uniformed style in your bathroom, or if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your bathroom an update without breaking the bank or taking on a long-term project, replacing your bathroom fittings is an easy way to switch up your style. Just one simple move to a different colour or shape can change the feeling of your bathroom and make your bathroom feel new and updated. Bathroom fittings are often available as a set, so if you know exactly what you want, picking up a matching set can make life much easier and help to develop a theme of colour or style. Check out our main website to explore a great range of gorgeous style-led bathroom fittings.

The key here to making the most of your bathroom fittings are to carefully plan in advance – the earlier the better to make sure you’re making your room user friendly without sacrificing your space or your style.

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