Using Metallic Accents Inside Your Home

Be inspired by the extremes

Wherever you look, there is no escaping the current trend for metallic accents through the home. Favoured by professional interior designers but a simple enough trend to create yourself, metallic accents are becoming more popular and the movement is showing no signs of moving soon. In fact, the metallic trend is growing and becoming more dynamic, giving us even more choices in our homes and even creating sub-trends. The first styles that come to mind for most people when they think of metallic in interior design is the minimal and industrial styles that give a cool and quirky factory vibe, or in the complete opposite direction we have the ultimate glamour home, filled with plush textures, glitter, mirrors and metallic surfaces and features. Both are very bold options, but from both of these trends we can choose the flavours we like and don’t like, and use those ideas to create our own metallic-themed interior design scheme.



Strike a balance

The key to making any interior design project work in your home is balance. And with something as striking and impactful as metallic accents, this becomes even truer. While balance is different for everyone, we need to listen to our personal tastes and the overall tone of our home to decide how much or how little impact we want our metallic accents to have. If your home is already decorated and you’re looking for a small shiny accent to add a bit of sparkle to your home, the balance you want to strike is different to somebody who wants to create a glamorous and larger-than-life home filled with glittering, reflective surfaces. The balance they need to find is between metallic and contrasting matte surfaces so that the light balance in the room is stable and meets the family’s needs. Unfortunately, there is no simple trick to finding the balance, it’s all down to personal preferences, plus a bit of trial and effort with your accent selection and placement until you find a layout that is harmonizing and beautiful in your eyes.


Subtlety wins

Style icon Coco Chanel once said ‘before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory’. Although it’s accepted that she was talking about personal style, the same principles can be applied to interior design and metallic accents. When it comes to metallic features, a little can go a long way. Because of the reflective and bold impact of even the smallest shiny accents, metallic colours in the home can make much more of an impression than matte, plastic or wooden finishes of the same size. So while your instinct is telling you to add metallic accents to every area of your home, think wisely and scale back a little. If you still feel that you don’t have enough, you can always add pieces at a later date. That’s the beauty of design accents; they can be changed as often as you like to create subtle and detailed changes.

Beware of the hall of mirrors

It’s widely accepted that mirrors are an incredible design tool and can help create the illusion of more space at home, and bring more light indoors. We adore mirrors and the way that strategically placed mirrors can really open up a home and help a home achieve its interior design potential. If metallic is your thing, you probably should be thinking ‘how much is too much?’ Many modern homes with great interior design schemes would say ‘there is no such thing as too much’, but once you add metallic accents and features into the equation, your home can begin to look quite glittery. Great news if you’re a glitter fan, but if you want something that is kinder to the eyes, more stable and understated, put a great deal of consideration into the placement of your accents and your mirrors before you make any grand investments.


Making your metallics stand out

Looking to make a major metallic impact? Follow your heart instead of your mind and allow yourself to splash the cash on one amazing metallic interior design piece. Something that takes up a lot of space and can become a real focal point in a room is the best option if you want something that stands out. Metal roll top bathtubs are becoming more popular and therefore easier to find in the mainstream market, but so are mirrored furniture pieces and luxury metallic upholstered pieces like sofas and headboards. Before you invest in any outstanding and stunning feature pieces, consider all of the metallic accents you already have in that particular room; it may be that you need to replace some in order to achieve that balance and get away from a possible ‘disco ball’ effect.

Credit: KellyHoppen

Brushed metal effect features

There also alternatives to make your metallic accents into more unusual features or make them more subtle, allowing you to achieve that balance if you have a lot of reflective surfaces in your home. Brushed metals are a stylish choice in almost any colour, but would create an alternative texture and slightly more understated style… as well as being a cool and low-key feature if you used it in a big way. Using metallic paint is a quicker and more cost effective way to achieve a brushed metal effect and an intelligent alternative to heavier and more expensive features. It’s also the best way to go if you’re a follower of interior design fashions or you have dynamic tastes as paint can be easily covered or updated.

Break the rules

How many of us were warned years ago not to mix gold and silver? That there was a straightforward choice between one and the other? A rule ignored and seen as archaic by many modern interior designers, combining gold and silver is actually a fun way to achieve a balance of warm and cool tones in your home. There are also more obscure choices widely available, such as brass, copper, and rose gold. While these are popular, fun, and modern choices, think about the longevity of them. While gold and silver have stood the test of time, copper and rose gold accents might not be around for as long.

Get the most from your fittings

There’s no getting away from it: fixtures and fittings are needed in all homes and at some point we need to make the decision on styles and colours. For many people, that comes as the last decision in the home and the choice is one that most matches the colour and design themes they’ve already chosen. The best decisions, however, are made when you choose your fittings at the same time as your colours and main design features. The style, colour, and shape of your doorknobs, taps, and hinges can really upset the style you’ve worked tirelessly to curate. has a varied range of all fittings that cover many themes and colour palettes, so you can make an informed decision on your fittings together, making sure that these coordinate well together and will enhance your home’s décor. Metallic fittings that are highly visible, such as window fittings and bathroom fittings, can contribute greatly to your metallic theme as eye-catching and light reflecting accents.

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