Making the most of your utility room

We’ll be the first ones to admit that it can be hard to get excited about the interior design of a utility room. A small room at the back of the house often used for nothing but storage, cleaning and household chores doesn’t get pulses racing! Those of us who are lucky enough to have that extra space can appreciate, from a functional perspective, the room’s main purpose; to keep the mess away from other areas of the house.


It’s an easy decision to make when redecorating our homes to leave the utility room until last. It’s a place that guests rarely see, and we don’t enjoy spending time in there, so why invest any time and money in improving it as a space?

Look at all of the functions your utility room provides you with and add up how many hours per week you spend in there. It can be quite a significant portion of our time. Why shouldn’t we apply our favourite colour schemes and spend time planning how to make the most of our often-neglected utility rooms?

We’ll keep you right on how small changes to your utility room can make a big difference:

Get the layout right


Cabinetry, appliances and probably not much floor space. Any other room in the house with these ingredients would be thoroughly planned out to the nearest centimetre to make your home as efficient as possible. Is your ironing board stored close to an electricity socket? Is your washing machine close to your tumble drier? Is there more than enough storage for what you need? These are important planning questions to help make your utility room ultra-efficient.

Time to inject some colour

As utility rooms are boring and uninspiring, we should forget about the colour palette and stick to boring colours, right? Wrong! It can be difficult to motivate ourselves to do chores and housework at times, so don’t make it any harder. A bright utility room with warming and inspiring colours, lots of light and a feeling of space is much more welcoming than a dark and dingy hideaway. Show your utility room some love and feel your mood lift.

Reward yourself

If most time spent in your utility room consists of you wishing that time would go faster, give yourself something to keep you entertained while you clear, organise or iron. A TV, wireless speakers or any other entertainment system will give you something to enjoy and help the time go quicker. A stylish flat TV or a bookshelf could also add a bit of life and colour into a dowdy space.

Care for your largest features


Cabinetry can really impact the theme and style of any room. A light colour and a reflective surface will attract and reflect any light to open up the entire room. A splash of paint and a new set of stunning handles can brighten up your utility room and make a massive difference. Check out our website for a great deal on striking cabinet handles.

Make your room work hard for you


Perhaps not as exciting as our other advice, but just as important. Your utility room will undergo a lot of pressure and daily use from constantly getting dirty, being cleaned with powerful and even abrasive products and used by all of the family plus pets. An investment into stronger flooring and storage systems will make you thank yourself in the long run. Sturdier materials and more durable surfaces will give you utility room that can withstand the pressure of daily life.

Put some effort into showing appreciation for your utility room and invest at least some of your time in a utility room mini-makeover, we promise it will be worth it.

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