Creating Your Own Feature Front Door

If you’ve ever scoured the internet for home design inspiration, the chances are high that you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of stunning external feature doors. These doors aren’t reserved strictly for Instagram-worthy homes, they’re actually a simple tool that lets you have fun with the exterior of your home and allows your personality to shine. If you know how, a bit of TLC and design fun can give you the type of front door that becomes a key design feature along, making the rest of your home look great at the same time.


Widen the door frame

You’ll need to take in the structure, shape and size of your home before you do this one, but widening your door frame to allow you to replace a single door with double doors or even have a custom built door that’s much larger than the original can give your home a real feeling of grandeur.

Be bold with your paintbrush


If you want your door to stand out and become the most prominent feature of your home, give it a colour that is striking. Dare to go bold. That could be your favourite colour, something that jumps out at you on the shelves of the DIY store, or a colour that complements the colours in your front garden. Something that contrasts with the colours of the rest of your house is the way to go. The bolder, the better.

The sparkly bits


Once you have a bright and beautiful base colour, it’s time to have fun with your door hardware. This usually consists of door knocker, handle, hinges, letterbox and kick plate. A metallic set of these that glisten in the sun and stand out again the colour of your is the way to go. Keep it polished and always sparkling. At we have a fantastic option of high quality and affordable door hardware available to buy online.

Personality stamp


An oversized house name or number decoration will give your home a stamp of personality. Don’t feel that you have to go with the standard type of house number or name badge, usually metallic and not too significant in size. There are so many quirky and stylish options available today that can ramp up the fun you can have with the entrance to your home and add more of your personal tastes to the front of your house.

Wrought iron front door décor


The ongoing debate of glass panes in our front door versus privacy is easily solved with this stylish solution; wrought iron front doors. Built in between the double glazed panels or fix to one side of single glazed door, wrought iron front doors are an investment, but can be a fabulous feature that transform your front door in an instance. Curved lines and elegant shapes can add a classically glamorous style to the exterior of your home.

Light it up

A porch light above or in proximity to your front door, whether electric or solar powered, won’t just look decorative but will attract attention to your feature door all through the evening. If you’ve spent time and money on making a wonderfully eye-catching front door, make sure that it remains the focus of your home by lighting it up.

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