Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

A lot of people seldom bother changing up their bathrooms - after all, they claim, it's hardly the first thing that visitors will notice. And besides, it's just the bathroom – it's completely forgivable for the bathroom to be out of style. But the truth is, the bathroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. It's supposed to be that area of your home where you can fully, completely relax. So yes, even the bathroom deserves a little character and style.

After all, let's face it - it can be hard to relax in a bathroom surrounded by bland white tiles, cluttered plastic bottles, and monochromatic accessories.

So, if you've finally decide to give your bathroom a much overdue upgrade, here are some tips for you to do exactly that - while of course making sure that you stay within budget.


Get a wooden bath mat

The bathroom is your ultimate place of relaxation. It is then important to make sure that your bathroom has elements that can help you unwind and relax. Adding a wooden bath mat is a simple but guaranteed way to help you achieve that Zen-like feel for your bathroom.

And, the best thing about a wooden bath mat is that it can cope with water better, and it's much, much easier to clean!

Change your toilet seat

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Unarguably, the toilet seat is one of the most forgotten pieces of the bathroom. But, your toilet seat deserves some love too. If you want to give your bathroom some character, steer clear of white toilet seats - although they may seem pristine and timeless, they can actually end up looking pretty dull, especially if you already have a lot of white going on in your bathroom.

Go for a toilet seat that can serve as a nice bathroom accent, and at the same time able to match some existing elements in your bathroom.


Keep it vintage

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Do you have old furniture that you want to put into good use again? You can put this vintage furniture in your bathroom and let them serve as storage for your toiletries, or even turn them into a sink cabinet. To refurbish them, you can simply change the faucets, cabinet knobs, and drawer handles. If you're looking for accessories like these, we offer a wide selection of bathroom hardware that can easily blend in with any furniture look or overall bathroom theme.


Repaint your walls

Nothing instantly changes the overall look and feel of a bathroom than changing the colour of its walls. When re-painting your bathroom walls, make sure that you choose cool, relaxing colours. Stay away from bright, fiery ones. Popular examples of cool, relaxing colours include blue and blue-green.


Add a classy, vintage mirror

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The mirror is your bathroom's crowning glory. Upgrade your bathroom by giving it a classy, elegant mirror. The good news is, putting a mirror that looks elegant doesn't have to be expensive. You can take any ordinary framed mirror, and colour it gold using spray paint. Go on and give it a try – the moment that you do, for sure, the spray paint will be your best friend.

You can also install wooden frames on your bathroom mirror to give that vintage and rustic feel.

You've got a lot of options when it comes to jazzing up your bathroom mirror – it's completely up to you. But really, you won't believe just how much of an improvement you can get by just upgrading your mirror.


Add a stylish shower curtain

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How can we forget about the shower curtain? Your bathroom's shower curtain is like the train of a bride's wedding gown - it's a small detail that is capable of adding a tremendous amount of personality and sophistication to your bathroom.

A classy shower curtain is sure to transform your shower time into a luxurious moment. Of course, it's ideal to have your shower curtain match your bathroom accessories. They don't have to have exactly the same design, though - the same shade or tone will do.

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