• Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

    A lot of people seldom bother changing up their bathrooms - after all, they claim, it's hardly the first thing that visitors will notice. And besides, it's just the bathroom – it's completely forgivable for the bathroom to be out of style. But the truth is, the bathroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. It's supposed to be that area of your home where you can fully, completely relax. So yes, even the bathroom deserves a little character and style.

    After all, let's face it - it can be hard to relax in a bathroom surrounded by bland white tiles, cluttered plastic bottles, and monochromatic accessories.

    So, if you've finally decide to give your bathroom a much overdue upgrade, here are some tips for you to do exactly that - while of course making sure that you stay within budget.


    Get a wooden bath mat

    The bathroom is your ultimate place of relaxation. It is then important to make sure that your bathroom has elements that can help you unwind and relax. Adding a wooden bath mat is a simple but guaranteed way to help you achieve that Zen-like feel for your bathroom.

    And, the best thing about a wooden bath mat is that it can cope with water better, and it's much, much easier to clean!

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  • Making the most of your bathroom fittings

    Bathroom fittings are the whole range of smaller fixtures and fitments that make our bathrooms more functional and stylish. Often added to our homes after we’ve chosen and installed our bathroom suites, such as showers, sinks and toilets, we rely on bathroom fittings not only to be able to use our bathroom properly, but to make our bathrooms more comfortable and user-friendly. The biggest challenge is finding the best balance between bathroom fittings in a location and position that will maximise the user experience of our bathrooms, but will also look fantastic and complement our bathroom styles instead of looking like an afterthought or poorly thought out last minute addition.


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  • Buck up your Bathroom on a Budget

    Are you a bit bored with your bathroom right now? Many of us are but alas don’t exactly have a few thousand pounds at our disposal to upgrade to a shiny new one. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are other ways to smarted up the smallest room in your home – and at just a fraction of the cost of renovating the room with new bathroom cabinetry and a suite. No, you can add a bit of glamour by simply changing a few things, and not necessarily all at once. Here’s some of our favourite ideas right here:

    Tiling trouble

    It’s time to rip out those 80s square white tiles and replace them with something a tad more up-to-date such as a smart wall of rectangular subway tiles, coloured mosaics or even stone such as granite or basalt. Meanwhile it’s a very modern invention to zone off areas in the bathroom such as the shower using wall tiles rather than steps. These glossy subway tiles are just the thing for this industrial style bathroom (gloss has the added advantage of adding more light to the room by reflecting the window):

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