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  • The Importance of Attention to Detail in Interior Design

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    When we talk about attention to detail, in any type of industry, what we usually mean is the art of paying particular attention to the smaller details of a project. By not cutting any corners and taking the care to make sure an entire project is carried out successfully, with the dedication to maximise the potential of even the smallest features, a project will have a more professional and wonderful finish. When it comes to interior design, smaller features might not make the most impact but when all of those smaller features work together and immense care is taken at every level, that’s the perfect recipe for designing a home that is flawless and perfectly finished.

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  • Make Your Entrance Stand Out


    The first thing that any guest in your home or building will see is the front door. While we’re all notorious for claiming we’d never judge a book by its cover, it’s a fact of human psychology that people do rely on their first impressions to make judgements. It’s a survival mechanism that has evolved with us over the years, allowing our cave-dwelling ancestors to quickly assess the danger of any given situation. Continue reading

  • Streamline Your Modern Home

    If there is any one word that epitomizes the ideal contemporary home, it’s “streamlined”. This minimal aesthetic applies to everything from home décor to technology and fashion. As human progress thunders forward at ever-increasing rates, it seems that our buildings, clothing, accessories, and other items become less heavily decorative, adopting a sleek and pared-back style that simplifies and saves space. Continue reading

  • Kitchen Remodel: Cupboards


    One of the biggest project any homeowner will ever undertake is the kitchen remodel. This is hands down one of the most expensive home remodels there is, because the appliances, tiling, and other necessary materials don’t come cheaply. However, the kitchen is also one of the most important rooms in any home. Many people say it is the heart of the home, and for good reason. When we live in social groups like families, eating becomes a communal event - it’s a universal trait of humans around the world to break bread together. Continue reading

  • Squeak! How to Care For Your Hinges


    Chances are you may never have put much thought into the hinges that are on the doors in your home. However, taking a little bit of time to look after them can not only prolong their life and that of your door, it can also prevent annoying squeaks. The key to caring for your doors’ hinges is threefold and involves checking them for damage, keeping them clean and lubricating them. Continue reading

  • Exterior Door Handles: How to Choose the Best for Your Door

    External Door Handles from Premier Door Handles

    Whether you’ve just bought a new front door or you are looking to give your current door a bit of a makeover, your choice of door handle can be crucial. As well as ensuring that you get one that is well made and long lasting, it’s crucial that you get one that looks the part and fits with the style that you are trying to give your house. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want to make it look the very best it can, paying close attention to details like your outside door handles can make all the difference. Continue reading

  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Door Security

    We’d all like our homes to be that little bit more secure wouldn’t we? Here at Premier Door Handles, we take house security very seriously. Below we take a look at how doors are one of the most vulnerable parts of a property that a burglar will target and how you can ensure your home’s door security is as good as it can be. Continue reading

  • Stainless Steel Fixtures Make Your Home Sparkle

    There are so many options to consider these days when you’re adding new fixtures to your home - in addition to the style, colour, placement, and size of your fixtures, you also have to choose what material you want it made from. As you would expect there are pros and cons to each type of material, the most common being stainless steel, brass, ceramic, pewter, copper, and other non-corrosive metals that are usually plated in chrome or nickel. Speciality materials like wood and glass can also be found on occasion, but these are by far the most common and durable types of fixtures. Continue reading

  • How to Make Your Home Safe

    Home is a place where we are supposed to be utterly comfortable and at peace. It’s the place we go to relax after working all day; it’s the place we keep our most important possessions, the place we focus on our health and our relationships, and the place where we turn off the world for a while and just enjoy the space we’ve carved out for ourselves. One thing it is never supposed to be is threatening - so it is no surprise that we often go to great lengths to ensure that our homes are safe.

    In fact, protecting our homes from threats is a primitive instinct that goes back to our ancient ancestors. While ice-age humans were largely nomadic, that didn’t stop them from staking out territory and guarding it fiercely. In the same ways today, we guard our homes like dragons guarding piles of pilfered gold, taking advantage of the best security hardware and latest technology available. Continue reading

  • Decorating with Black

    In the world of fashion, black has long retained its never-out-of-style reputation. It can be sleek, sexy, and edgy, or classic, demure, and powerful. It creates the perfect palette for any style, any look, on any person. In interior decorating, many homeowners are intimidated by how dark black seems, but it can be used in surprisingly stylish ways. The “little black dress” for your home can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.

    For many people, black home décor instantly calls up one of two classic looks: Gothic drama, or Parisian elegance. If neither of those are your style, fear not; black can also lend itself well as an accent colour for a cheerful modern home. It can be used to offset the dusty, earthy tones of a southern style. Black even has its place in thematic décor, such as in rooms with a nautical theme. Continue reading

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