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Fingertip Design FTD620 Porcelain Knob


 Fingertip Design Porcelain Knob FTD620

 Traditional Cupboard Knob

  • Available in Ivory crackle, midnight crackle, plain ivory and plain white.
  • Priced & supplied in singles with matching fixings
  • Knob 30mm, 35mm or 45mm diameter
  • Rose 27mm,31mm or 40mm diameter
  • Projection 27mm,30mm or 40mm
Porcelain Cupboard Knob FTD620

Available in the following finishes:

  • Polished Chrome
  • Midnight Blue Crackle
  • Porcelain Ivory
  • Porcelain White
  • Ivory Crackle Glaze

Image Product Name Price Qty
FTD620Aic Ivory Crackle Glaze 30mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Amc Midnight Blue Crackle 30mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Apiv Porcelain Ivory 30mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Apwh Porcelain White 30mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Bic Ivory Crackle Glaze 35mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Bmc Midnight Blue Crackle 35mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Bpiv Porcelain Ivory 35mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Bpwh Porcelain White 35mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Cic Ivory Crackle Glaze 45mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Cmc Midnight Blue Crackle 45mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Cpiv Porcelain Ivory 45mm Cupboard Knob
FTD620Cpwh Porcelain White 45mm Cupboard Knob