So much can be said for the humble door handle; after all it can transform a simple door into an spectacularly inviting piece of interior or exterior furniture. Whether you want to keep it simple and chic or elegantly dress up your doors there are many options available. Choosing your ideal door furniture shouldn’t be taken lightly, after all - when opening a door the first thing you come into contact with is the handle. A beautifully designed handle will be noticed whether for sharp angular lines or intricate, exquisite detail. By taking time to select a sensational handle for your interior and exterior doors you will be making the right impression to all who pass through your doors. Your door handles are without doubt the finishing touch to your doors and will make the difference between a dull entrance and a welcoming, striking doorway.

If you know exactly what you want, be it a brushed chrome lever on rose, black antique brass or a highly polished chrome backplate then you won’t need our comprehensive buying guide but if you are unsure at what your requirements are and would like to understand more about what you can do to achieve your desired look then read on. It is our aim to provide our customers with a full range of the best door handles available today, including external and internal door handles, cupboard and cabinet handles, and kitchen and bathroom handles. We have everything you could need from brass to chrome, satin to highly polished, stainless steel to antique brass and more. If there is anything you cannot find within our website please contact us here and a member of our dedicated sales team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

As you would expect from the UK's leading door handle company, we are proud to offer free delivery to mainland UK on all orders over £70. We also offer the lowest pricing and in the unlikely event that you find it cheaper - we will price match.


What’s the Difference?

When browsing through our website you may wonder what the difference is between the interior and exterior door handles, or between lever handles on rose, lever handles on backplate and more. Here are a few pointers so you understand the definitions:


Lever Handles on Backplate

Range of Door Handles on Backplate

Lever handles on backplates can be traditional or modern and are found in many homes. The style of the backplate, lever mechanism and the finish will determine whether it is best suited to a period, modern or traditional home. Lever handles on backplates do not normally come with locks or latches so you will need to choose the right lock or latch to match.

There are two main handle styles; if you are looking for a contemporary or modern design then you may want to choose from our Lever on Rose range, whereas if you are searching for a more formal or traditional styling then you could choose from our Lever on Backplate range - although you will find many modern styles with a backplate too. You can also choose a door knob for internal and external doors, for more information on these please see our door knob buying guide.

Lever Handles on backplates screw direct to your door but you would need to determine whether you will be using it with a lock, latch or bathroom lock. If you are using a latch you will need a plain backplate in the style you have chosen. If you need a lock then choose the style you want with a backplate and keyhole profile (standard, oval or euro). Bathroom locks will need a bathroom lock backplate which should include a turn and release fitting.

Examples of Popular Lever Handles on Backplates:

Carlisle Brass Serozzetta Tres Door Handles

Carlisle Brass Georgian Door Handles


Lever Handles on Rose

Range of Chrome Door Handles

Lever on Rose handles bolt through the door to the other side to give a strong fixing and would need a lock escutcheon or bathroom turn set to work with the lock you want. Always check that you are buying a handle that works with your existing lock and remember to check dimensions carefully. A door handle on rose can give a more modern look and is typically seen in contemporary homes from townhouses to apartments, as well as in modern office settings.

At Premier Door Handles, we stock a variety of levers mounted on square roses as well as round roses. Today, your door handle says a lot about where you live and we are constantly striving to bring you the latest in innovation, quality and craftsmanship.

Examples of Popular Lever Handles on Rose:

Carlisle Brass Victorian Contemporary Door Handles

Fortessa Aztec Door Handle on Rose


Door Pull Handles

Pull handles are exactly as they sound - they pull a door shut and push a door open and are fixed to the door using screws or alternatively, they can be bolted. When choosing a door pull handle, if you use the bolt through pull you should purchase a finger plate or push plate to cover the bolt heads.

Examples of Door Pull Handles:

Eurospec Square T Pull Handle

Carlisle Brass Stella Pull Handle


Understanding Other Handle Terminology


These are used to cover keyholes and work with mortice deadlocks and sashlocks.

Mortice lock

This is a lock which is set inside the door in a hole (or mortice) rather than a lock attached to the surface of a door.


A sashlock combines a mortice lock and handle which simply means you are able to open and shut a door without a key but lock it when you want the security (e.g. when you go out).


A deadlock is mostly used for front doors and works with a nightlatch. It is a bolt operated with a key and allows you to lock your front door from the inside and from the outside. It is often used as an additional lock, giving extra security.


This is a lock which is placed onto the door’s surface rather than being in the hole at the edge of the door, it keeps the door shut on a latch. Often they are referred to as a rimlock.

Euro Profile

This is a barrel that is cylindrical in shape that is able to be used in many locking mechanisms.

Finger plate

This is a small piece which is fixed to a door near the keyhole or handle, and stops finger marks on the doors, today they are used for stylish accompaniments to door handles as well as covering screws or bolt heads



Many of our stylish door handles are suitable for both external doors and internal doors but some are more appropriate for your front door and other external doors. As an example, polished brass is usually a better choice for an outside door because of its hard wearing properties. This finish will stay polished for many years of constant use before it requires treating. Polished chrome is another popular choice for exterior doors because it is long lasting and durable, and satin chrome is another favourite as it will not show marks as much as the polished equivalent, nor will it require as much maintenance.

When choosing what to purchase for your front or back doors you should consider a number of different points. Firstly, be sure that what you are purchasing will withstand the test of time! We often recommend that a hard wearing product is best such as polished brass or polished chrome.

Polished brass is a classic and our collection includes various backplate designs as well as lever on rose models to give you the look you desire. This finish is extremely tough and durable and will retain its highly polished look for many years. There is a possibility that after a number of years you will see a breakdown in the lacquer because of exposure to harsh weather and wear, at which point it can be easily re-treated with a specialist product to restore it to its former glory! It’s a solid, good buy for your outside doors.

For a modern or contemporary home, stainless steel, polished chrome or brushed chrome handles really make a thoroughly chic statement. Highly polished chrome is eye catching such is its sheen and it is also highly durable - although it may need some maintenance and general cleaning regularly. Choosing a satin chrome look will give you a smart finish and will generally need less maintenance.

For period homes, traditional homes or Gothic styling choose Antique Brass black, beeswax or pewter finish - its intricate detailing and exquisite designs will give you the eye-catching look you want, while being low maintenance due to its matt appearance. This collection, which is made by Ludlow Foundries, is ideal if you want to make a grand statement in a country styled house and equally perfect for a handsome rustic-styled cottage look. These handles look extremely smart on interior doors too, especially heavy, dark wood and work beautifully with parquet flooring and other wood décors.

External Door Handle Suggestions

For traditional homes choose from Victorian Scroll locks with a gently curving lever or Georgian Polished brass which has a decorative border. Similarly, another traditional look which is very appealing for a classic front door is the Oakley Polished lockhandle which has a curved backplate or alternatively we can recommend a number of products by Carlisle Brass to give a distinctive nod to old school class - give us a call now to discuss what you require.

Period properties will come alive with the Antique Brass range of door handles such as the Ludlow Foundries Curly Tail which is an intricate Gothic design boasting a curled lever. Alternatively, choose from more solid looking Ludlow Foundries slimline or traditional and combine with Antique Brass door furniture for a superb looking Gothic styled external door. The blackened Antique Bronze is popular with modern homes looking to make a strong first impression too.

If you prefer a chrome finish, we stock various styles which will suit either traditional or modern homes - as well as some handles which will complement both. Choose from the sleek Uno polished chrome lockhandle which has a gentle curve on the back plate combined with a sophisticated straight lever. Alternatively for a sharp linear look take a look at the extremely attractive Carlisle Brass Serozzetta Equi. Or if you prefer traditional styling but want a polished chrome finish, then the Victorian Scroll Polished Chrome Lockhandle or the Birkdale Polished Chrome Lockhandle may be ideal.

Suggestions for contemporary doors

Carlisle Brass Serozzetta Cuatro

Tres Polished Chrome Lockhandle


Suggestions for traditional doors:

Ashtead Polished Chrome or Brass Lockhandles


Suggestions for period doors:

Ludlow Foundries Slimline V Door Handles

Ludlow Foundries Curly Tail Lever on Backplate


Questions to Consider when choosing External Door Handles

1 Is my door handle going to withstand severe weather conditions?

2 Do I want something modern or traditional?

3 What type of security am I looking for?

4 Do I want something that is low maintenance?

5 What is the style of my door?

6 What is the style of my house?

7 What other door furniture do I have and will it match?


Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or drop us a line if you have any other questions - our Premier Door Handles Sales Team is dedicated to offering you the very best in customer service.



Your internal doors should reflect your own personality as well as the personality of your home and if possible, reflect what you have chosen for your external doors. There are a variety of different options to select from within our internal door handle range and a wide range of quality materials too. If you have a traditional home, cottage or period house then we would generally recommend antique brass, polished brass or satin brass because the rich colours complement the style of your home. Within this category there are also plenty of varieties of style, from simple, rectangular backplates to more ornate handles featuring borders, elaborate designs, curves and swirls.

If you are looking for something simple but elegant then you may want to consider stainless steel, polished chrome or brushed chrome. A stainless steel or polished chrome handle will give you years of strength and durability yet remain stylishly modern and attractive. Such is their versatility these handles work beautifully on almost all types of doors - from those featuring glass panels to plain white doors as well as on many different shades of wood. You can further choose from a variety of handle shapes, from curves to distinctive angular styles dependent on your interior and personal preference.

Within our website you will find a treasure trove of door handles that will work with your interior. Once you have narrowed it down to the general look you want to portray, you can consider our wide range of different finishes - including polished brass, antique brass, satin brass, stainless steel, polished chrome, satin chrome, black antique, pewter antique and beeswax antique - so there really is something suitable for every home.

Once you have chosen your ideal style of handle, don’t forget to add the right accessories - such as turn and release locks (ideal for extra privacy for example on a bathroom door) and escutcheons which allows you to put the handles on internal locking doors.

Suggestions for Contemporary Doors

Fortessa FDecan Cannes Door Handle on Rose

Fortessa FDeare Ares Door Handle on Rose

Carlisle Brass Serozzetta Cuarenta

Carlisle Brass Serozzetta System

Carlisle Brass Euroline Wing Door Handles


Suggestions for Traditional / Period Doors

Carlisle Brass Bona Door Handles

Carlisle Brass Chesham

Carlisle Brass Seville

Ludlow Foundries Fleur de Lys

Ludlow Foundries Barley Twist


Questions to Consider when choosing Internal Door Handles

1 What is the general look of my home?

2 Does it match or complement the external door handles?

3 Do I want something low maintenance, perhaps to prevent fingermarks?

4 How many lockable doors will I need (bathrooms, guest toilet)?

5 If I am keeping it, what is the locking mechanism of the current door I have?



Of course, Premier Door Handles is not just about front and back door handles or internal door handles for your home. We have an extensive collection of high-quality, sensational-looking kitchen, cabinet, cupboard and drawer handles to enable you to get the exact look you desire throughout some of the busiest rooms in your house.

The right choice of door handles will really complete your wardrobes and drawers. They can also simply transform tired-looking cupboards and cabinets. So if you are looking to update or refresh a room consider changing your handles - because these small touches can help to create a brand new look in no time. New handles will change a functional old kitchen cabinet standing in the corner to a show-piece; they will transform a simple gloss finished wardrobe door to something intricate and beautiful. Your kitchen or cupboard door handles speak volumes about your home - make sure they send the right message!

Whether you are updating an entire kitchen, installing a new set of cupboards, fitting a bespoke unit or enhancing your current furnishings your new handles will make a real difference. Changing your cupboard or drawer handles can also be a less expensive way of renovating a room. For example, kitchen units that have been in your house for years can benefit from a lick of paint and some quality handles - you will dramatically alter the look quickly and efficiently, without costing the earth.

The beauty of Premier Door Handles’ products is that they have been hand selected for their quality materials, durability and generous manufacturer’s guarantee. We also stock a bewildering array of fantastic looking handles and accessories so you can be sure there will definitely be something suitable for your home. Finishes available include a large combination of materials from stainless steel and chrome to more traditional polished brass. Remember, your cupboards and drawers are constantly being used and a good looking handle will complement your existing interior design - it’s your home so why not treat yourself to a touch of elegance and style. It’s the little finishing touches that make all the difference.

Don’t forget to order your cupboard handle accessories to match your chosen handles - we also supply a complete selection of catches, hinges, backplates, locks, hooks and other important pieces to get the perfect finish.

There is no doubt that buying through Premier Door Handles gives you peace of mind and a superior quality, great-looking product. You also have the added benefit of permanently low prices, and free mainland UK delivery on orders over £70. Our dedicated customer service team is available to answer any queries you have too so don’t hesitate to contact us here if you need extra help. We are available 7 days a week.


Contemporary Pull Handles

Pull handles do just that - they pull a cupboard or drawer open. We have a various different designs in an array of materials and styles, for modern and contemporary homes so you will be bound to find something to suit your home. We also stock flush pull handles in contemporary styles.

Contemporary Pull Handles Suggestions

Fingertip Design Steel T-Bar Handle

Fingertip Design Dual Finish Handle

Fingertip Design Wave D Handle


Traditional Pull Handles

If you are looking for a classic style for your wardrobes, cupboards or drawers, the Premier Door Handles collection features plenty of handles to suit. From curved to angular styles, we stock many styles from decorative to simple in design - you are sure to find any number of suitable handles for your home. Additionally we have a sensational range of black antique brass handles from the Ludlow Foundries Collection by Carlisle Brass which are just perfect for heavy wood furniture, cottage styles, period homes and traditional furniture. Additionally, we stock flush pull handles in a variety of traditional styles.

Traditional Pull Handles Suggestions

Fingertip Design Steel Cage Drop Handle

Fingertip Design Exbury Handle

Fingertip Design Bean D Handle

Fingertip Design Ring Pull on Shield Backplate

Fingertip Design Hammered Fleur de Lys Pull Handle


Flush Pull Handles

To ensure we meet everyone’s cupboard and drawer handle requirements we have an excellent collection of flush pull handles in a variety of finishes comprising of brass, chrome, stainless steel and satin stainless steel. These pulls are ideal for modern kitchens, contemporary wardrobes, drawers and other furniture requiring a pull. We also stock a number of different shapes including circular, rectangular and curved styles.

Flush Pull Handle Suggestions

Semi-Circular Flush Pull

Circular Flush Pull

Carlisle Brass Traditional Flush Pull


For further assistance with choosing your cupboard, cabinet and drawer handles please contact us here or drop us a line via email. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to help you. We offer free mainland UK delivery on orders over £70 - so why not give us a try today.



At Premier Door Handles we source all our products from the very best manufacturers in the UK, and all products have been carefully selected to bring you both outstanding quality and durability. There are numerous finishes available so that you will be able to find the perfect accompaniment to your door, whether you have a period property, traditional home, city penthouse or modern town house.


Polished Brass

If you are seeking the perfect brass handle for your external or internal doors then you know you are buying something that is handsome, sophisticated and classic - designed to withstand the test of time both in terms of style and durability. Strength combined with performance and outstanding classic good looks - you can’t go wrong with a good quality polished brass door handle. Without doubt these stylish looking handles add class and sophistication to any door. There are various styles, from understated good looks such as the Victorian Ascot polished brass lock handle to those with more intricate detail and design such as the Victorian Scroll handle or the Georgian Polished brass. They are all beautifully suited to a traditional or period looking house or front door design and will retain their quality good looks for many years to come. This finish is particularly well suited to natural wooden doors as the shade of brass blends well with deep mahogany, pine or light beech for example. If you have a period home then a popular choice would be the antique brass finishes because they are perfectly coupled with older looking properties and will bring back the nostalgic, vintage look that is so popular today.


Satin Brass

Satin brass is similar in colour to polished brass except it does not have the highly mirrored finish but a softer, almost brushed appearance - another handsome choice for your doors.

Our brass door handles are available in many different designs, including brass levers on rose and brass levers on backplate, and we are proud to say we only use the best manufacturers in the UK, industry leaders in the manufacture and supply of quality brass door furniture. You will find your new polished brass door handles come with a manufacturer's guarantee which can be up to 25 years long, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you are buying the best quality ironmongery available today.


Cleaning Brass Handles

To keep your lacquered brass shiny and bright you can clean it with a cloth that is lightly moistened with soapy water (washing up liquid is ideal) or just polish gently with a soft cloth and some beeswax or Brasso. Never use metal cleaner or sprays. Please refer to our FAQs to find out how to restore the lacquer, which can often be brought back to life using an acetone thinner such as Nitramors and polished using Brasso once dry.

Premier Door Handles also has a complementing range of door furniture which will sit beautifully with your brass handles and finish the look to perfection.


Antique Brass

The personality of antique brass lies in its distinctive rustic look, which gives internal or external doors a smart and timeless look. Antique brass is designed to give an 'aged' appearance and so best suits traditional period or colonial looks. One of our most popular ranges, antique brass handles offer beauty yet durability and will last for many years because of their hard-wearing finish. We also offer black antique brass which gives a distinct grand Gothic look and combines intricate detail with a rustic finish to give an exquisite and ornate look. The blackened antique brass is the perfect partner for large, imposing Gothic styled doors, old-fashioned cottages or period interior design and creates real drama.

Premier Door Handles also offers a matching set of antique style door furniture to complement your antique brass handles.


Beeswax Finish

This finish is an option from the Carlisle Ludlow Foundries range, a collection of stunning door handles and accessories which have been designed for traditional, period, cottage and Gothic styled homes and doors. The beeswax finish gives this black door furniture a fabulous look combined with superb strength and durability. Each piece is manufactured out of forged metal and boasts a wax finish which can easily be maintained by using Carlisle brass wax - and will doubtless give your door a real focal point. This finish is of the unparalleled quality you would expect from Carlisle Brass, and comes with a ten year guarantee.

We also sell a wide range of matching door hardware and ironmongery to go with your new beeswax brass handles, to help you accentuate and extend the look throughout your home.


Pewter Finish

The increasingly popular pewter finish is available on the Carlisle Brass Ludlow Foundries collection and offers you another option within the period style. This high-grade pewter finish will give your door handles many years of use without any deterioration because they have been manufactured to the famously exacting, high standards Carlisle Brass are known for. They are each electro-plated and lacquered in a stove, yielding a finish that is convenient and virtually maintenance free - and bound to turn heads!

Why not explore our matching range of door furniture and accessories to pick up the pewter theme across your whole living space?


Stainless Brass (PVD)

Stainless brass is a great alternative to polished brass as it is a very long-lasting product which gives a good sheen, while not being quite so bright and reflective. The finish is a specialist lacquer which can last for over 25 years, and comes with an extensive guarantee for your peace of mind. It has a specialist lacquer which means the surface will not be damaged over a period of time, it is weatherproof and resistant to wear, tear and other abrasion. To keep it clean you should gently dust it with a soft cloth, or for more stubborn marks you can use spirit-based cleaning products such as white spirit.


Polished Chrome

If you are looking for something bright and eye catching for a modern style door then highly reflective polished chrome will work beautifully. Being highly polished it makes a strong visual statement in either a retro setting or a modern home. Polished chrome is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free but if being used on external doors you may get some build-up or deposits. To keep it looking fresh and new, we recommend that you clean regularly using a soft cloth and gentle wax polish.

Premier Door Handles stock a wide range of complementary polished chrome door fittings and furniture, so you can be sure to find matching accessories.


Satin Chrome

This is a very popular contemporary finish and works well in a modern family home - as satin does not show finger marks as much as its polished counterpart! Satin chrome appears less shiny as it has not been so highly polished, so it gives a flatter, smoother finish similar to stainless steel but without a brushed effect. However, satin chrome is a handsome and popular choice for modern residences, and is often chosen for offices as well.

Why not check out our wide range of matching satin chrome fixtures and fittings - designed to perfectly complement your new satin chrome handles.


Stainless Steel

Choosing a stainless steel handle gives you a strong, long lasting and sophisticated product suitable for all modern and contemporary homes. To keep it clean, on a monthly basis, simply wipe over with a clean cloth and warm water using a mild detergent, avoiding cleaners containing salt. In case of stubborn stains you can use a regular non-abrasive household cleaner, warm water and a sponge or gentle brush. For sparkling results you could try adding a small amount of vinegar to the cleaner too. Following cleaning, just rinse with hot water and wipe with a dry towel.

We stock a wide range of stainless steel door furniture to accompany your new steel handles - why not browse our website or call us for recommendations now.


For further information on any of our products, delivery, manufacturer information or general information please contact us here or email us. Our dedicated customer service team is available 7 days a week. We offer free UK mainland delivery for all orders over £70 and free returns, setting us apart from other handle retailers in the UK. Door handles are our passion; let us share it with you.