Door Closers

At Premier Door Handles we stock a choice of high-quality Door Closers supplied by our online partners Eurospec Hardware and Boss Door Controls.

Our Concealed Fire Door Closers which is also referred to as a Perko Door Closer is suitable for light to medium internal doors with a maximum weight of 50kg. More than one Perko Door Closer can be used on a door as and when required. There is no Checking action or Hydraulic Control, the concealed Door Closer simply pulls the door shut. The Perko Door Closer is also tested to 500,000 cycles.

Our Overhead Light Duty Door Closer are for use mostly for non-public places, such as store cupboards, internal garage doors and internal office doors. The next range above the Light Duty Door Closers are the Medium Duty Door Closers. These Closers are used for office or public building corridors and are also suitable for most living accommodation.

If you require a Door Closer for schools, colleges, hospitals and most public buildings, then you will require one of our Heavy Duty Fire Door Closers. If you are in any doubt which Door Closer to use, or if you would like more information about installation or choosing matching accessories, then please do not hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly customer support team on 01506 467730, or alternatively get in touch by email through Our customer support team have more than 30 years experience in the hardware trade and are available to answer any questions you may have 7 days a week.