Door Furniture

First impressions most definitely count, and people make their mind up about where you live in just a few seconds - which is why your external doors should never be taken for granted.

In fact, research shows that it takes just 8 seconds to decide whether or not you will want to buy a house and most of that time may be spent standing outside the front door waiting for it to be answered! This really tells us something about the importance of keeping your front door looking smart.

At Premier Door Handles we believe your front door really is the gateway to your home and the main focal point as you or visitors approach, and choosing the right door furniture can help to transform your front door from just another front door to a warm, stylish and welcoming entrance to your home. Why not use your front door furniture to reflect your home’s style and show off a bit of your personality too? Sometimes, all a door needs is a little spruce up. If you are moving into a new home, just by changing the door knocker and letterbox, or perhaps adding a stylish number, you can really rejuvenate the whole appearance of the door. Alternatively, if you have just bought a new front door handle or some stylish new door knobs you may just want everything to co-ordinate throughout your house.

It’s amazing what a difference some carefully-selected door furniture can make. Quality is always noticed and at Premier Door Handles that’s what our products are famed for - superior quality. Give your home a front door to remember, by taking a little time to choose the right door furniture from our range.


What is Door Furniture?

Door furniture can really mean any piece of ironmongery used to enhance the appearance or functionality of your door - except for door handles and door knobs which are usually listed elsewhere as separate categories.

When browsing through our door furniture range you will find dozens of high-quality products used to enhance security and privacy - such as bolts, chains, catches, latches and locks. We have hundreds of other useful door accessories including items such as door hinges, knockers, bell pushes, door signs, door stops and closers. And we have a broad selection of door hardware including letter plates, thumb-plates, door knockers, letters and numbers – in fact, we have everything you need to give your door the look you want.


Door Furniture Advice - from Premier Door Handles

At Premier Door Handles we believe it's our job to help you achieve an elegant, eye-catching front door. We have years of unrivalled experience sourcing the very best products for our customers and we firmly believe have something for everyone and every style of house.

We offer free mainland UK delivery for all door furniture orders over £70. Our prices are checked every day to make sure they are the lowest on the internet, and to prove it we offer a price match guarantee - if you find the same door furniture cheaper elsewhere we will price match - that’s our promise to you.

Our mission is to give you an outstanding buying experience, so we provide a dedicated customer services team to help you choose the right products - for free advice or recommendations simply give one of our friendly team a call or drop us an email.

We stock hundreds of pieces of door furniture to choose from so you can be sure of finding something suitable for your home. With a fabulous variety of different materials, finishes and designs available, we can help you style your door the way you want it.

All of our products come from industry-leading manufacturers like Carlisle Brass and Eurospec Hardware, giving you the peace of mind that you are buying a quality product. All external door furniture is manufactured to exacting standards so you are safe in the knowledge that each piece is designed to withstand the test of time. Weather-resistant, durable, strong and most of all impressively stylish – the perfect blend of form and function.


Choosing the right Furniture for your Door

Our main advice to you would be to keep all your door furniture sympathetic to the style of home you have. The right choice of door furniture will add character and personality to your door. And remember that door furniture today no longer needs to be just functional - it can be very striking in appearance too. Obviously certain pieces - such as hinges, latches and locks - might be of fixed dimensions and might go largely unseen. But other items such as door letters, numbers, knockers and letterboxes can all co-ordinate with the style of your home and let you show off a little more personality.

Depending on the overall style of your home, it might be best to choose from one of our specific ranges of door furniture. For example, period-style items such as brass rings or doctor’s door knockers are wonderful for old-fashioned 18th or 19th century styling. And we stock a range of ornate knockers and knobs which are perfect for Queen Anne styling. We have something to suit, no matter whether you are the owner of an extravagant Victorian property, when door furniture was often exceptionally detailed, or a splendid Edwardian home with rather plainer, less elaborate features. Or perhaps you live in a traditional Georgian style of home which may lend itself to some of our reeded designs.

If you have a 1920s or 1930s Art Deco home then you may wish to look for art deco style pieces which boast elegant curves and swirls or chunky, heavy details. Satin brass is often a good finish for deco, as is detailed polished chrome.

And if you are looking for the perfect door furniture set for a door requiring character then you would be well-advised to browse our range of ironmongery made from hard-wearing matt black antique brass featuring scrolls and swirls or Celtic design, which will add a touch of drama to large wooden doors or pretty cottage homes.

For modern homes or apartments look for high polish and sleek lines - your door furniture should mirror the look of your exterior. You may wish to choose a highly reflective finish, such as stainless steel or polished chrome. Stainless steel in particular is long lasting and will not deteriorate and while polished chrome will need a little maintenance from time to time, the high shine is undeniably very attractive and eye-catching.

Traditional panelled doors and architectural salvage or reclaimed doors will generally look sensational with polished brass door furniture - because this style of hardware with its traditional appearance lends itself well to most types of wood.

For more help with choosing the right door furniture for your home, please contact us on the telephone or drop us a line here. One of our customer services team will be delighted to help you pick the right products.


Maintenance of your Door Furniture

Although all of our products are made from high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, different finishes may require different levels of maintenance - so you may want to consider this before purchasing.

If you want door furniture that requires very little maintenance you may wish to choose satin or brushed chrome, stainless steel or even satin brass as these finishes will not need regular polishing to maintain their good looks. Polished brass may benefit from some maintenance - you can keep it pristine by cleaning as required using a gentle cloth and Brasso or similar. Brushed brass and brushed chrome will generally not require as much maintenance but you can keep it looking like new using some mild detergent such as washing up liquid and a moistened cloth, then polishing when dry.

Heavier soiling can be removed using a tiny drop of vinegar with the soapy water. For polished brass that has lost its lacquer (normally after a period of many years) you can use products such as Nitromors to restore - please see more information in our FAQ Section. Remember, all our external door furniture is built to last and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee - so you can be sure all our products are weatherproof, durable and designed to give you excellent performance for years to come.


Security and Privacy

Another consideration when choosing door furniture is security or privacy - it is recommended that you think carefully about your door security and choose the right type of locks where appropriate. Your door locks extend to the interior too and some doors may need added security such as door chains.

At Premier Door Handles, we have a wide variety of security-enhancing door furniture such as catches, locks, latches, chains and bolts which are sourced from industry-leading suppliers and meet or exceed current safety regulations - meaning that there will be plenty of options to suit every home.


Coloured or Painted Doors

If you have a painted door, you may wish to match your door furniture to complement that colour - for example, grey or black doors looks beautiful paired with polished chrome ironmongery, whereas light or dark brown wood looks superb with polished brass accessories, and heavy wood goes well with black antique brass hardware. If you have a white door, you will probably find that most door furniture will look great.


Size Matters!

When choosing your door knockers and letterboxes take into consideration size too. The general advice is that you don’t want something too large for your front door nor do you want something too small. Too big will look overpowering and too small will get lost so spend a little time measuring and looking at what works on other front doors you like.


For further information on any of our door furniture items, including questions about delivery, installation or for general ironmongery advice please contact us here or email us. Our dedicated customer service team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. We offer free UK mainland delivery for all orders over £70 for your peace of mind when purchasing.