Range of Brass Door Knobs

Premier Door Handles know everything there is to know about door knobs, and can help you to choose the perfect door knob for your external doors, for inside your home or for use with furniture.

We believe that a door knob should not be treated as a finishing touch to your home, bringing together the overall style of décor. Remember that the first thing people will come into contact with when entering your home is the door knob, so choosing a well-made, stylish and attractive knob will definitely make a difference. Additionally, your door knob choice can truly enhance your door and in many cases, transform a look from a simple, basic door to a more sophisticated feature that is part of your home, reflecting the style of your house and your own personality - so make yours count!

At Premier Door Handles you will find a treasure trove of door knobs in a huge variety of styles, designs and finishes, from the UK's leading manufacturers. If you already know what you want for your doors then we are sure we have exactly what you need - however if you would like some more guidance you will find this door knob buying guide a useful read. It is designed to help you understand the different types of knobs we stock as well as expert recommendations as to where they will work best. So if you have a period property, traditional home or modern pad you’ll be sure to find something that suits perfectly.

Remember, there are different types of door knobs, from knobs which are just used to “pull” (such as cupboard knobs, drawer knobs, etc) and knobs that turn which will require a lock or latch mechanism and should be purchased separately. Also do check your lock before purchasing, as if you have a rim latch/lock only rim knobs will work for you whereas if you have a mortice style latch/lock then most of our knobs will fit.

At Premier Door Handles, we want to give our customers the best door knob buying experience - whether you are looking for a single replacement knob, a full set for all your internal doors, whether you are looking to transform your kitchen cupboards or to refresh the style of your front door. We believe we have a fabulous collection of door knobs with the largest selection of styles and finishes to achieve whatever look you desire for your home. Whether you are searching for wood, brass, ceramic, glass, crystal, porcelain or other finishes - we are sure we can help.

Of course, if you need further assistance you can call our dedicated customer service team on 01506 467730, available to talk to 7 days a week, or you can drop a line via email here. Remember - we offer free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £70. Finally, although we believe we are the cheapest on the web, in the unlikely event that you find the same door knob cheaper elsewhere, we will price match - guaranteed.

Our passion is door knobs, let’s make it yours!



As you browse through our website, if you are unsure of the difference between rim and mortice knobs and other terms then you will find this section useful. Generally, door knobs come in two different variants, those that are used with a mortice lock and those used with a rim lock, although the latter is less common these days. Turning door knobs are sold in pairs with a connecting spindle and screw fixings needed to attach them to your door.


Latches, Locks & Spindles

When purchasing door knobs, they will need to be fitted with a heavy sprung latch. For bathroom doors you will require a latch, a bathroom turn and release and a bathroom deadbolt. For doors to lock with a key, choose a sashlock and a pair of escutcheon keyhole covers to match the knob.

Our door knobs come supplied with spindles which need to go through a latch - generally you will find the latch is set into the edge of the door. Your door knob will rely on the spring mechanism found in the latch helping them spring back into their original position. Do make sure you have a latch when purchasing your doorknob - it may well be that you have an existing latch but if the door previously had a door handle, it is unlikely it will fit a door knob latch because they require a different size. If you are unsure, let us help you determine what you need - simply call us on 01506 467730 or email us and we can discuss your latch requirements.


Mortice Knobs

Mortice knobs are a common type and have two roses. Mortice knobs can be fitted with a latch or into a lock, and derive their name because of the way the lock is morticed (fixed) into the door. If choosing a mortice knob you will find some come on a backplate for a mortice lock. Interestingly, mortice door knob locks are increasingly popular today because they have a timeless quality that work well on all types of doors, whether you have a period home, traditional house or stylish city apartment. In fact, there is something very attractive about the shape and design of a mortice door knob – they are smooth to operate, comfortable to use and have a satisfying chunky feel.

The beauty of the mortice door knob is that there are a wide range of styles to choose from, including some more contemporary styles to complement modern interior design trends. There are an increasing number of different style options to choose from, and we have hand-chosen a number of exceptional styles from industry-leader Carlisle Brass who manufacture a number of outstanding collections to suit every personality.

Examples of Mortice Lock Door Knob:

Carlisle Brass Delamain Plain Door Knob

Carlisle Brass Polished Brass Ice Large Door Knob

Carlisle Brass Queen Anne Mortice Door Knob


Door Knobs on Backplate

You will find a selection of door knobs on backplates, which are generally used for traditionally styled properties - a door knob on a backplate is the perfect partner for a period home or for those looking for something a little more traditionally styled. Please note that door knobs on backplates are not supplied with a latch or lock, so you should select the one you need when choosing your door knob.


Door Knobs on Rose

In general, the majority of door knobs are set on a rose. The rose style is perfect for external or internal doors and is the most popular style from our range. Available in a large selection of finishes the door knob on rose works well in most settings. This style features a bolt through to the other side, though you should obviously check you are buying a knob that will work with your existing lock. A door knob on rose can give complete any style you wish, from traditional knobs made from black antique or polished brass, to the ultimate modern knobs in warm wood or art deco glass styles.

Examples of Door Knobs on Rose:

Carlisle Brass Delamain Flower

Carlisle Brass Delamain Reeded Polished Brass

Carlisle Brass Satin Chrome Ice Facetted


Rim Knobs

Rim locks are more traditional and have only one rose for the wooden side of the door which means the inside knob rides on the lock body. A rim lock is a box that is mounted to the surface of the door and usually has a lock and latch or even just a latch. They are normally decorative and generally used where doors are too slim to hold a mortice lock. The backplate on a rim lock knob is usually loose and you only need one backplate on the non-rim side of the door. Most of our door knobs are mortice locks but we have some excellent rim lock knobs available too.

Examples of Rim Lock Door Knobs:

Carlisle Brass Queen Anne Door Knob (various rims in range)

Carlisle Brass Mushroom Rim Knob


Centre Door Knobs

This style of door knob is not a lockable knob but designed as a single piece. You will find that they are usually larger in diameter than other door knobs and the bolt is at the back. A centre door knob acts as a pull and will not turn. At Premier Door Handles we have a variety of gorgeous looking centre door knobs in a range of different finishes and sizes that are bound to turn heads.

Examples of Centre Door Knobs:

Carlisle Brass Large Centre Door Knob

Carlisle Brass Octagonal Centre Door Knob


Without doubt, the right door knob will make your front door and interior doors stand-out from the crowd. Get your doors noticed with Premier Door Handles’ innovative collection of high quality door knobs. If you have more questions you can contact us on the telephone 7 days a week or via email. One of our dedicated team will be delighted to answer your query. We also offer free mainland UK delivery for all your orders over £70. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we guarantee a price matching service. We continually strive to improve our service and lower your costs, providing you with the very best UK door knob retail experience.


Understanding Other Door Knob Terminology


This is the bar that goes into the rear of one door knob - through the mechanism and into the door knob on the other side. They can vary in size & design. You will find modern door knobs are a standard 8mm square section bar. Old latches may have a different size spindle so check what you have if you are just replacing knobs rather than entire doors.


This refers to the spring inside the knob, which is designed to return the knob to its original position after use.



We have a vast selection of outstanding door knobs ideal for your external doors and bound to become conversation pieces. Additionally, whatever you choose will have a selection of complementing door furniture which will make your door a show-piece. The majority of our door knobs are suitable for use externally although some materials are not recommended, such as porcelain, crystal and glass - this is because their type of finish is not designed for all-weather usage and is better suited to indoor use only. At Premier Door Handles, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality products from industry leading suppliers and giving you the most competitive price. If you find it cheaper elsewhere – let us know! We guarantee price matching because we want you to be more than satisfied with our service – we want you to be delighted!

The most hard-wearing door knob will be in brass, meaning the finish will stay bright and shiny for a number of years before any treatment may be required. There are various different styles and collections but as an extremely affordable yet outstanding looking product consider items from Delamain because you will receive an additional 10 year mechanical guarantee! Brass is always a wise choice due to its long lasting finish and strength and is perfect for traditional homes or period properties as it is classically handsome. It also works well for the art deco fans among you. We have a huge collection of different knob designs, from ribbed to smooth, from round to oval, and from plain to intricately detailed.

Black antique is particularly eye-catching on period doors especially grand wooden doors or cottage styling. Another superb option for a traditional style home including period is bronze and this can work beautifully on a modern door too.

If you have a modern home or a contemporary house – perhaps a town-house, apartment or smart bungalow then you might consider other options for external doors including polished chrome and satin chrome. The latter is excellent for hiding finger marks as it is not highly polished but has a smoother, more matt finish. Both of these are low maintenance finishes - the polished chrome will need gentle cleaning to keep its sheen but the satin will need virtually no maintenance other than a gentle dust every now and then.

Finally, if you are searching for heavier, Gothic styling or something to work with generous or over-sized doors you will certainly find nothing smarter than the Carlisle Brass collection in bronze.


External Door Knob Suggestions

Traditional houses deserve something that will set off their elegant good looks. Blending excellent design and long-lasting durability you would be well advised to choose brass or antique door knobs for your external doors. These continue to be very popular and will stand the test of time giving you plenty of years of everyday use. With a number of exquisite designs on our website, here are a few ideas to get the look you want.

If you have a period home, make it stand out from the rest on your street with Carlisle Brass Florentine Bronze Ice Large Mortice Door Knob. Its generous proportions and satisfying chunky style makes it a stately choice plus the finish gives it an suitably aged appearance. If you’re looking for a more ornate style then consider the Carlisle Brass Delamain Flower Door Knob which also comes in other finishes. The top of the door knob has a graceful petal design which will give your door effortless style.

Chrome is always more modern in styling and will be perfectly placed on a white or black front door paired with co-ordinating door furniture. It also complements Victorian styles too, and would go perfectly with heavy front doors and a more ornate exterior styling such as with the ever-popular black and white tile look. We would suggest highly polished reflective door knobs to set off the outside of your home such as the Carlisle Brass Delamain range of polished chrome knobs, or the Carlisle Brass AQ35 Mushroom Mortice Door Knob.

When choosing your internal door knobs you can if you wish maintain a uniform look throughout your home, by picking interior door knobs to reflect your external choice - this keeps your entire home coordinated through the consistent use of one style.

As well as the types of external door knobs mentioned above, we also offer centre door knobs which don’t use a locking mechanism. A centre door knob is designed to simply pull a door open, therefore there is no mortice mechanism and it is purely for pulling open and pushing closed. They work in conjunction with a separate locking mechanism and so you can often find them on the centre of a front door. They can be sharp and stylish dependent on the look you want. At Premier Door Handles we have a collection of superb centre door knobs that will be perfect for making a feature of your front door. Choose from all of our stunning finishes, polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, black antique and florentine bronze to get just the look you want.

Suggestions for contemporary doors:

Carlisle Brass AC050 Ice Large Door Knob Satin Chrome

Carlisle Brass AQ34 Oval Mortice Polished Chrome


Suggestions for traditional doors:

Carlisle Brass Delamain DK37C Reeded in Polished Brass

Carlisle Brass FG4 Georgian Mortice Door Knob

Carlisle Brass Queen Anne Mortice Door Knob


Suggestions for period doors:

Carlisle Brass Delamain Flower Door Knob Florentine Bronze

Carlisle Brass Delamain DK37C Florentine Bronze


Please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an email if you have any further queries – our Premier Door Handles Sales Team is dedicated to offering you the best in customer service. We offer free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £70. Additionally, if you find it cheaper elsewhere we will price match because we endeavour to offer the lowest pricing on the web making us the leading retailer of door knobs in the UK.



It’s important to get your home looking just right. Sometimes it’s those finishing touches that get missed along the way – particularly if you’re focusing on wallpaper, paint colours, new carpet etc. But those little finishing touches are the key to making the ordinary extraordinary! You may not be completely refurbishing your home but still want to spruce up your interior, and things like refreshing your door knobs genuinely can make a dramatic difference. Door knobs are not boring – quite the opposite, there is a multitude of different, innovative styles and a wide range of finishes to choose from including porcelain, wood, crystal, glass, bronze and chrome.

Within our website you will find a number of different ideas to suit your home, whether you are looking for period style trims or traditional looks or if you want high fashion and modern looks – we have everything you need in one place. If there is something you cannot find please contact one of our Sales Team who will be delighted to assist you or drop us an email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Glass and crystal are without doubt an eye catching finish to an interior door and blend well with any material and colour. They are chic and stylish on their own, and look especially elegant in conjunction with tiled floors or stained wood. The Carlisle Brass crystal collection will give you many years of superior performance and there are a number of beautiful designs to choose from, so you may find yourself spoilt for choice! While the knob is in crystal or glass you will find the rose in satin chrome or polished brass so you will get the exact look you want. Ideal for city penthouses or modern mansions yet will work just as well in a contemporary or even traditional setting - the Premier Door Handle collection of glass and crystal knobs is simply sublime. Take a peek at the Carlisle Brass Facetted Crystal Door Knob or the Carlisle Brass Ice Bubble Crystal Door Knob – just a couple of notable items amongst a growing exciting range. We are delighted to offer free shipping to most addresses in the mainland UK when you spend over £70 on the crystal and glass range!

If you want to steer away from the traditional brass finish knobs then why not go for something different? Carlisle Brass has a phenomenal collection of porcelain door knobs which will look at home in all different interior design settings, including period, traditional, contemporary and modern too. Feel completely confident that using industry leaders, Carlisle Brass, you will have a product that is durable and will last you many years and you can choose from a selection of roses too so if you still are in love with brass or polished chrome then the rose plate can be in this finish. The Delamain range even caters to suave modern masculine looks – with the Carlisle Brass Delamain Black Porcelain Door Knob you can have the ultimate in refinement. Now you can combine two stunning materials and introduce sensational finishing touches to your doors!

We also have wooden door knobs set on either polished brass or satin chrome rose plates, which work beautifully with white doors making them really come alive. Co-ordinated with wooden floors and other wooden furniture, our solid wood knobs make ideal accompaniments to cottages, traditional homes and even more modern settings. Why not take a look at the Carlisle Brass Delamain Wooden Oak or Wooden Walnut door knobs?

Brass and florentine bronze lend themselves beautifully to older houses, period properties and traditional homes. If you’re choosing a polished finish you will get a sensational mirrored lustre which gives a clean, sleek finish – we love the Carlisle Brass Delamain Sausage & Pea style as it has an interesting design with a raised centre making it so much more than just a door knob. For a more aged look, select the florentine bronze finish because it has a refined appearance that oozes class and sophistication. Finally, chrome and satin chrome works in most homes because of its versatility.

There are numerous styles but if you’re looking for something classic, the Florentine Bronze Ice Large Mortice will work beautifully as will the Carlisle Brass Delamain Reeded Knob, the latter boasting a fine ribbed design. It can look equally stylish on an aged or modern door and if you have a family with young children, satin chrome hides finger-marks well – meaning it’s one less thing you need to worry about polishing! These styles look just as good with wooden flooring as they do with carpet – you will never go wrong with satin chrome.

Once you have chosen your style, don’t forget to add the right accessories for your door knob. For bathrooms you will need to buy a bathroom turn and release and deadbolt. Our door knobs come supplied with spindles. If you have any queries concerning the accessories you require please call us on 01506 467730 or email us and one of our dedicated customer services team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Suggestions for Contemporary Doors:

Carlisle Brass M48 Ball Mortice Door Knob Polished Chrome

Carlisle Brass Delamain White Porcelain Door Knob

Carlisle Brass Delamain Black Porcelain Door Knob

Carlisle Brass Ice Facetted Crystal Door Knob


Suggestions for Traditional/Period Doors:

Carlisle Brass Delamain Beaded Door Knob

Carlisle Brass M35C Mushroom Mortice

Carlisle Brass FG4 Georgian Mortice


Questions to Consider when choosing Internal Door Knobs

1 What is my home’s style?

2 Does the door knob match my external door furniture or complement it well?

3 Do I want a low maintenance knob perhaps to prevent marking from hands and fingers?

4 How many lockable doors do I need (guest cloakroom and bathrooms)?

5 If I am planning on keeping my current door how does it lock and will this affect my choice?



As well as supplying elegant door knobs for your external and internal doors at Premier Door Handles we also have sourced an unrivalled selection of knobs suitable for use around the home. Every knob we sell is of the very highest quality, boasts excellent durability and has been chosen for its good looks as well as functionality. We have a phenomenal collection of door knobs suitable for kitchen doors, cabinets, cupboards and drawers so you will be able to achieve the exact finish you are looking for. We believe that the right handles can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!

It’s remarkable what difference a smart door knob can make. So whether you are completely refurbishing or you just want to update some of the furniture in your house, or spruce up your kitchen – take some time to consider your door knobs. Just adding something ornate or elegant can dramatically change and rejuvenate your whole room in moments.

So if you’ve been longing to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank, or you’re re-decorating your bedroom and leaving the old cupboards - take some time to look at our range of stylish cupboard knobs.

At Premier Door Handles we have brought together a notable collection of quality cupboard, cabinet, kitchen and drawer knobs. All the materials used are designed to withstand the test of time and come with long lasting warranties. We have plenty of different finishes including porcelain, stainless steel, antique brass, chrome, crystal and glass and our knobs come in a huge variety of shapes too. If you want some further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts from the Customer Sales Team who are available 7 days a week to take your call. Alternatively you can drop us a line here and someone will get back to you shortly.

When purchasing your cupboard door knobs from us don’t forget the accessories to match such as hinges, locks, hooks, catches, backplates and other pieces that are required to complete your new look.

We would like to mention that on all orders over £70 there is free UK mainland delivery. We also offer a price matching service on the very rare occasion you find the same items cheaper elsewhere.


Kitchen Door Knobs

Whether you’ve made the decision to purchase a brand new kitchen or you are longing to revamp your existing one - you’ve come to the right place. We have an outstanding collection of kitchen door knobs at Premier Door Handles. Every one of our range of knobs has been carefully selected to give you the best quality product which will last for years and we have a number of finishes available. Whether you have a high gloss modern kitchen or a farmhouse style traditional kitchen you’ll find the perfect partner for your cupboards. Within our range we have antique black ideal for period styles, porcelain and antique brass, perfect for traditional kitchens and we have brushed and polished chrome for modern looks - to name a few.

Suggestions for Traditional Kitchen Door Knobs:

Fingertip Design DK47 Delamain Plain

Fingertip Design FTD540 Celtic Pattern Knob


Suggestions for Modern Kitchen Door Knobs:

Fingertip Design Aztec Ringed Knob

Fingertip Design FTD278 Quadra Square


Drawer & Cupboard Knobs

Dress up dull drawers or boring cupboards with some brand new knobs! At Premier Door Handles we have something for everyone, whether you are after modern city chic or traditional cosy cottage styling you’ll find it within our website. We have sourced some outstanding quality cupboard and drawer knobs, both in style and durability from industry leaders Carlisle Brass and Eurospec Hardware. These will make the difference between dull and delightful, transforming something old-fashioned to current. It’s amazing what little touches can do. So whether you’re looking for distinctly modern polished chrome or pretty porcelain perhaps for a bedroom or dressing area you’ll find the perfect match within our range giving you timeless elegance for years to come.

Suggestions for Traditional Knobs:

Fingertip Design Queen Anne Knob

Fingertip Design FTD630 Porcelain Mushroom


Suggestions for Contemporary Knobs:

Fingertip Design Hammered Finish Knob


Suggestions for Modern Knobs:

Fingertip Design FTD425 Stainless Steel Spherical

Fingertip Design FTD278 Quadra Square Knob


Cabinet Door Knobs

We all have that old fashioned cabinet that stands in the corner, unloved and unused but you haven’t got the heart to get rid of it. Or perhaps you have decided to get a brand new fitted cabinet in the TV room, or maybe the dresser in your bedroom could do with a face-lift – whatever you cabinet door needs, Premier Door Handles can help. We have a superb collection of the best types of cabinet door knobs, from ultra-modern to contemporary, sleek, traditional, art deco and period designs. There is bound to be something perfect to suit your needs in our website. We have a selection of intricate designs, from twists to circular, oval to square and even cylindrical to suit every home, every style and every personality. All of our knobs are sourced from the very best in industry leading suppliers and they are designed to withstand the test of time so you know you are getting long-lasting quality every time.

Suggestions for Traditional Cabinet Door Knobs:

Fingertip Design FTD1275 Solid Bronze Cottage Knob

Fingertip Design FTD690 Lead Crystal Clear Ball Door Knob


Suggestions for Period Cabinet Door Knobs:

Fingertip Design FTD1220 Steel Cage Mushroom Door Knob

Fingertip Design Steel Cage Oval Knob


Suggestions for Modern Cabinet Door Knobs:

Fingertip Design FTD345 Aztec Ringed Knob

Fingertip Design FTD255 Oval Knob


If you need more help choosing your cupboard, cabinet, kitchen and drawer knobs please contact us here or you can or drop us a line via email. Our experts are available 7 days a week to help you. We are delighted to offer free mainland UK delivery on orders over £70 which is why you can buy your door knobs from Premier Door Handles with confidence.



Premier Door Handles has a number of different finishes for door knobs giving you plenty of design options to match the style of your home, whether you have a traditional home, apartment, modern house or period property we have something to suit. All of our products are high quality and durable. If on the rare occasion you cannot find what you want please contact us and we will endeavour to help.


Porcelain & Ceramic

Choosing a porcelain or ceramic door knob will make your door stand out from the crowd and we have sourced a collection of the most handsome door knobs on the market today from Carlisle Brass. Take a look at the Delamain range which offers a collection of porcelain and ceramic door knobs on different roses such as polished brass, satin chrome, Florentine bronze or polished chrome which sets off porcelain perfectly. Whether looking for a smooth finish or an eye-catching crackle, porcelain is highly durable and will last for many years since the porcelain has been rigorously tested and its construction is such that it is extremely hard-wearing. The porcelain or ceramic itself has a very light sheen and can be kept clean with light dusting or by using soapy water to clean off any stubborn marks. As the door knob is the first thing someone comes into contact with when opening your doors – porcelain will definitely get your doors noticed. Porcelain and ceramic works on most doors, whether contemporary, highly modern or traditional. For co-ordinating door furniture choose products that match the rose finish.


Polished Brass

No doubt polished brass is durable, reliable and extraordinarily handsome when used on any doors, external or internal. It is a classic and will stand the test of time both in performance and good looks and adds a touch of class to any home. With brass, you can choose from a multitude of different designs to work with modern homes, traditional houses and period properties. Some of our brass knobs are highly decorative with intricate designs and patterns whereas others are smoother and satisfyingly chunky to use. Whether you want to dress up your doors or opt for an understated or nostalgic elegance you will find something in our collection. The beauty of polished brass is its long-lasting properties. It will withstand years of regular usage, and even if it is used outside any deterioration that occurs over time can be easily remedied with the appropriate treatment to restore it back to its former glory. With a manufacturer’s mechanical guarantee of 10 years you know you’re making a wise decision.

To keep it clean, use a moist cloth and soapy water such as washing up liquid or polish with a soft cloth and Brasso. You are advised not to use metal cleaners or sprays. To restore, use an acetone thinner such as Nitromors and polish with Brasso when dry. More information can be found in our FAQ section.

Premier Door Handles also has a complementing range of door furniture which will sit beautifully with your polished brass door knobs and complete your desired look to perfection.


Satin Brass

Much like polished brass, you will find satin is a similar shade but it is not as mirrored in finish and has a brushed appearance. It is an excellent choice to dress up your cupboard or cabinet doors and brings no end of class and sophistication. There are many styles in our satin brass cupboard door knob range and each comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee so you get extra peace of mind. The advantage of satin brass is that it's easier to maintain since it does not show finger marks and cleaning normally just requires a light dusting - ideal for heavily-used cupboards such as those in kitchens or bathrooms. For heavier soiling, use soapy water and polish with a cloth once dry.

Premier Door Handles also stock a wide range of matching door hardware to complement your new satin brass cupboard door knobs.


Antique Brass

For a rustic or aged finish choose antique brass as it has been designed to look burnished and works perfectly in period homes, traditional houses and those with colonial styling. As the base material is brass it will last for many years, withstanding the weather and retaining its good looks. Easily maintained it just needs a gentle polish with a soft cloth or use a little Brasso if necessary.

For Gothic homes, grand doors, or cottage styling, you should consider the black antique brass door knobs from Ludlow Foundries which creates a strong and dramatic finish inside or out.

We also supply matching accessories and door furniture in Antique Brass styles - give us a call on 01506 467730 if you would like to discuss your options.


Polished Chrome

Polished chrome is ideal if you love sheen and lustre as its mirrored finish gives a luxurious touch to doors, externally or internally. The added bonus of a polished chrome door knob is that it works on any door so whether you are in a traditional home or a sky scraping penthouse apartment polished chrome will be equally suitable. This finish is also practically maintenance-free although if you choose to use it on your front door you may get some build-up of staining over time, so you may wish to clean gently with a soft cloth and wax polish from time to time to regain its highly polished appearance.


Satin Chrome

Satin chrome is a good alternative to polished chrome, particularly for families with young children, as this contemporary finish better conceals finger marks or other stains. This is because satin chrome although bright has less of a reflective sheen, as it has not been highly polished during construction. These handles are truly contemporary and work beautifully in a modern setting.

As one of our more popular finishes, Premier Door Handles also stock a great selection of complementary satin chrome door furniture.



There is something incredibly smart about wooden door knobs. Effortlessly chic they work in modern and traditional settings and with our variety of styles you will find something that easily co-ordinates with a wooden floor or other wooden furniture. The Carlisle Brass Delamain range of wood finishes we stock are of the highest quality and are built to last. Including oak and walnut finishes, you get the fabulous grainy feel of natural wood which by nature is a warm, inviting material and is perfect for turning a house into a home.


Crystal & Glass

For true decadence, crystal or glass door knobs will revitalise the appearance of any door. Despite the delicate appearance of crystal and glass, these door knobs have been constructed using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to bring you durable and strong door knobs that will last for years. The manufacturer, Carlisle Brass, has rigorously tested these knobs so you can rest assured they will serve you well for many years of regular usage. Apart from looking opulent they add panache to any internal door. There are various finishes, including faceted with its strong texture and highly reflective appearance, smooth knobs which are very clean cut pieces, frosted or opaque knobs to suit your interior style - and we even stock glass door knobs with a bubble interior for a real statement piece. Caring for glass is low maintenance and simple dusting will usually suffice - however for heavier soiling, choose a good quality glass cleaner and gently polish using a soft cloth.


Pewter Finish

If you are looking for a pewter style, you will find it in the Carlisle Brass Ludlow Foundries collection. This is ideal for vintage looks, Gothic styling and works in period properties as well as adding a touch of real elegance to modern homes. This finish is designed to give ultimate style with performance and will last for years without deteriorating because they have been rigorously tested to exacting standards. Give your door show-home appeal with pewter door knobs, and make your doors really stand out.


Stainless Steel

Strong and durable, stainless steel is an excellent choice whether in the kitchen, or for furniture or cupboards, and works well in both contemporary and modern settings. Stainless steel is built to give superior performance and will last for many years. As the name suggests, it’s very easy to maintain with a simple wipe every few weeks using a soft cloth and perhaps some warm water with a little washing up liquid from time to time. As a note, never use a cleaner containing salt. A sponge or gentle brush will remove more stubborn marks and you could add some vinegar to the cleaner too for heavy deposits. Always rinse after cleaning with hot water and dry off.


If you require more information on anything relating to door knobs - information about manufacturers, individual product advice, delivery or general information - please email us or call us on 01506 467730. Our expert team is available 7 days a week. We offer free UK mainland delivery for orders over £70. We are proud of our door knobs – we want you to be proud of yours too.