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  • Stay smart in more ways than one with stainless steel door handles

    Stainless steel has been a mainstay of our homes, offices and commercial retail outlets in one way or another for more than a century now – and with good reason.

    Extremely durable, smart looking and highly resistant to rust, stainless steel is a sturdy and cost-effective material which will continue to look good for years after it’s been installed, provided it is given reasonable care and attention.

    The manufacturer’s confidence in their stainless steel handles is reflected in the lengthy guarantees which are offered alongside the items purchased and which tend to range from five years all the way up to 25.

    Here at Premier Door Handles we stock a range of stainless steel door furniture from well-known and respected manufacturers such as Eurospec Design and Carlisle Brass. All stainless steel door handles are on a round rose design with a matching steel lever. Many of these handles are entirely solid steel and some contain additional materials such as carbon fibre which can enhance the decorative appeal of the door handle. Continue reading

  • Serozzetta

    Designers have always used the idea of fusion to try and create a design that looks new and modern while retaining the older characteristics and features of the original styles. The “Serozzetta” collection is something that does just that by fusing modern British construction and engineering with elegant and timeless designs that have very much grown out of Europe's rich history of design.


    The “Serozzetta” range is available in two basic forms – handles on a backplate base and handles on a rose base. Unlike some other backplate ranges, all of the backplate designs in the Serozzetta collection are based on a long mount which is slightly rounded at both ends. From there though, each item has their own look with each handle boasting a unique shape. Some handles such as the Uno (SZC011) and the Dos (SZC021) have much straighter levers meaning that they are easy to grip and can visually complement nearby furniture or other geometric design elements. Some of the other handles in the range such as the Tres (SZC031), Cuatro (SZC041) and the Cinco (SZC051) feature highly distinctive shapes with curved and angled handles lining up to give a modern twist to a traditional household object. Continue reading

  • Designer Range

    As you would expect from the name, the Carlisle Brass “Designer Range” contains a number of unique handles that are infused with quality and elegance. Influenced by some of the most popular styles of the moment, handles from the “Designer” range will fit in with any modern space, whether residential or commercial.


    The Designer range from Carlisle Brass comes in two basic styles – handles fixed onto a vertical base (backplate) and handles fixed onto a circular base (rose). The backplate handles in the “Designer Range” almost all come with an oval-shaped base, while the levers themselves each are designed with unique characteristics. For example, many of the products in the Euroline collection such as the Astro (EL21) and the Lilla (EL31) have predominantly straight handles but vary in size and joint creating a simple yet smart finish. Meanwhile, the Sterling collection has handles that arch over such as the Andros (DL380) and the Madrid (DL290) which blends together a nice array of modern and older styles which would fit in well in both older and newer homes. Continue reading

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