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  • Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

    A lot of people seldom bother changing up their bathrooms - after all, they claim, it's hardly the first thing that visitors will notice. And besides, it's just the bathroom – it's completely forgivable for the bathroom to be out of style. But the truth is, the bathroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. It's supposed to be that area of your home where you can fully, completely relax. So yes, even the bathroom deserves a little character and style.

    After all, let's face it - it can be hard to relax in a bathroom surrounded by bland white tiles, cluttered plastic bottles, and monochromatic accessories.

    So, if you've finally decide to give your bathroom a much overdue upgrade, here are some tips for you to do exactly that - while of course making sure that you stay within budget.


    Get a wooden bath mat

    The bathroom is your ultimate place of relaxation. It is then important to make sure that your bathroom has elements that can help you unwind and relax. Adding a wooden bath mat is a simple but guaranteed way to help you achieve that Zen-like feel for your bathroom.

    And, the best thing about a wooden bath mat is that it can cope with water better, and it's much, much easier to clean!

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  • Our Favourite Front Doors Through the Ages

    Here at we’re sure it won’t surprise you in the slightest to discover we’ve got a bit of a thing about doors – and especially traditional period doors. We loved the craftsmanship that went in to the old Victorian, Edwardian and Queen Anne doors. We’re also fond of all the stained glass and elaborate art work that went into Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts influenced doors at the turn of the 20th century. We suspect the very fact you’re reading this blog in the first place means that you too share our interest.

    In this article we’ll touch on the history of the front door from its beginnings as far back as ancient Egypt - the pyramids had a piece of wood leaning over their main entrance way in order to bar intruders - to the sliding doors of the Romans and then we’ll go on to explore the subject a bit more in depth up until the current day where most doors, you’ll find, are a combination of wood and glass.


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  • How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    If you’re looking to sell your property any time soon, the exterior of your home can make a great difference in the way buyers feel about purchasing it. The outside of your house is the first thing potential buyers will see and emotional decisions will be made before they’ve even stepped inside the front door.

    Luckily, improving your curb appeal isn’t a difficult or thankless task. Small and inexpensive changes can be made to make your home much more appealing and attractive to buyers and estate agents, and could even increase the price of your home.

    Follow these quick and easy tips on how to increase your seller power and ramp up your curb appeal:

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  • Creating Your Own Feature Front Door

    If you’ve ever scoured the internet for home design inspiration, the chances are high that you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of stunning external feature doors. These doors aren’t reserved strictly for Instagram-worthy homes, they’re actually a simple tool that lets you have fun with the exterior of your home and allows your personality to shine. If you know how, a bit of TLC and design fun can give you the type of front door that becomes a key design feature along, making the rest of your home look great at the same time.


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  • Making the most of your utility room

    We’ll be the first ones to admit that it can be hard to get excited about the interior design of a utility room. A small room at the back of the house often used for nothing but storage, cleaning and household chores doesn’t get pulses racing! Those of us who are lucky enough to have that extra space can appreciate, from a functional perspective, the room’s main purpose; to keep the mess away from other areas of the house.


    It’s an easy decision to make when redecorating our homes to leave the utility room until last. It’s a place that guests rarely see, and we don’t enjoy spending time in there, so why invest any time and money in improving it as a space?

    Look at all of the functions your utility room provides you with and add up how many hours per week you spend in there. It can be quite a significant portion of our time. Why shouldn’t we apply our favourite colour schemes and spend time planning how to make the most of our often-neglected utility rooms?

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  • Using Metallic Accents Inside Your Home

    Be inspired by the extremes

    Wherever you look, there is no escaping the current trend for metallic accents through the home. Favoured by professional interior designers but a simple enough trend to create yourself, metallic accents are becoming more popular and the movement is showing no signs of moving soon. In fact, the metallic trend is growing and becoming more dynamic, giving us even more choices in our homes and even creating sub-trends. The first styles that come to mind for most people when they think of metallic in interior design is the minimal and industrial styles that give a cool and quirky factory vibe, or in the complete opposite direction we have the ultimate glamour home, filled with plush textures, glitter, mirrors and metallic surfaces and features. Both are very bold options, but from both of these trends we can choose the flavours we like and don’t like, and use those ideas to create our own metallic-themed interior design scheme.


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  • Making the most of your bathroom fittings

    Bathroom fittings are the whole range of smaller fixtures and fitments that make our bathrooms more functional and stylish. Often added to our homes after we’ve chosen and installed our bathroom suites, such as showers, sinks and toilets, we rely on bathroom fittings not only to be able to use our bathroom properly, but to make our bathrooms more comfortable and user-friendly. The biggest challenge is finding the best balance between bathroom fittings in a location and position that will maximise the user experience of our bathrooms, but will also look fantastic and complement our bathroom styles instead of looking like an afterthought or poorly thought out last minute addition.


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  • A History Of Locking Door Knobs

    When choosing your front door and picking out all the finishing touches such as door knobs, knockers, letterboxes and other door furniture items, do you ever wonder what their origins were? In the modern age we all take for granted front doors for security and privacy purposes and ever since the first civilisations appeared in the world there have been basic dwellings - but at what point did people add a front door and then all the trimmings such as locks and knobs? Let Premier Door Handles take you back in time and find out where your humble door knob actually comes from...

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  • Choosing The Right Front Door For Your Home

    One of the first details guests and visitors will undoubtedly notice about your home is its front door, after all, as they walk up your path it’s what they are looking at the most because they are about to ring your door bell, or knock so all their focus will be right on it! Make your front door one which really tells a positive story, make it one to stand out from the crowd and to reflect the type of home you live in as well as the type person that you are. Front doors don’t need to be boring, far from it – today there are a multitude of different colours and designs to enhance and add theatre to your home. At Premier Door Handles we’d like to help you choose a beautiful door which works perfectly for your front entrance.

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  • Is it time to close the door on open plan living?

    Around a decade ago, open plan homes were all any interior designer could talk about. Home buyers became more interested in buying open plan homes and homeowners frequently refurbished their homes to make them more open, knocking down many walls in the process.

    Open plan living is no longer a new thing, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unfashionable or unpopular. It became a staple of interior architecture, and something that caused a shift in the past few years in homes across the world, in all kinds of sizes and budgets.

    But now that movement is changing again, and plenty of homeowners and designers are wondering if open plan is the lifestyle haven we had all imagined, or if closed plan is actually the way to go.


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